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FCFC/United Way Ashland County School Readiness Initiative 

This initiative is a major component of the FCFC strategic plan goal to assure that all county children birth to kindergarten age experience nurturing learning environments at home and in the community to enable them to succeed in school. The Initiative includes a broad base of support from several collaborative entities: the Ashland County Family and Children First Council (FCFC) and United Way of Ashland County. Twenty-two agency partners have developed the strategic plan and resources for the initiative.

Key Principles of the Initiative

  • Learning begins before birth.
  • Parents are their children's first teachers.
  • Young children are learning every minute and everywhere each day.
  • Every family can provide rich learning experiences within daily family routines and activities with no special materials required.
  • The best way to promote children's school readiness is to daily "talk, read and play with them together."
  • The community can support and assist families in providing learning opportunities for their children.


Learn More @ 4                                                                                                        

Learn More @ 4 is a joint project of United Way of Ashland County Ohio and Ashland County Family and Children First Council (FCFC). It is a carefully developed tool kit designed by the FCFC with the input of early educators, parents, and family professionals to give parents from all walks of life a good understanding of what their children need to know and do to prepare for kindergarten. It helps parents teach their children to be capable and confident learners. The Learn More @ 4 Program is a backpack that contains materials covering the basics ‚Äď tips and child activities for social/emotional skills, nutrition and physical activity. Also there are three individual learning kits that address the prerequisite skills needed for learning to read and write (literacy), science, and math. All Learn More @ 4 activities and information relate to the Ohio Early Learning Standards.

A calendar full of quick, fun ideas families can do each month is also included. Families from all county school districts with children eligible for kindergarten in the next school year can receive the kits at no cost. All that is required is to complete a half page registration form. To obtain Learn More @ 4, contact a preschool, Head Start, library or family serving agency OR call the United Way of Ashland County (419-281-5551) or Ashland Co. Family and Children First Council (419-281-1212).


Family Toolkits:

To obtain one of these toolkits, please contact Diane Karther at (419)-281-1212, or by email at

  • Newborn Learning Bag- This kit contains numerous resources to measure infant growth, interact with you newborn, and begin to educate them as early as possible.
  • Learn More as 4 Kit- This backpack contains specifics on what children need to know and the skills needed for school learning. Your child will find several learning tools in he pack and a special book for him/her to document their learning.
  • School Readiness Resource list- This list contains websites and resources to begin bulding success in preschoolers.
  • Click here to download the School Readiness Brochure.


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